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Rick Castle - 6x20 “That ’70s Show”

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Kicking ass and taking names ’70s style.

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hello sneak peek for 6x21. quickest sneak peek we have gotten after an episode… THANK YOU. imagenot my gif.

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The Men of the 12th Precinct

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caskett-yellowumbrella asked: kate is kidnapped by 3xk (caskett fluff) please :)


"Castle," he feels a palm against his back. "Castle!" The voice calls again and he turns around to see Espo and Ryan standing close to him, a mixed sign of relief and sadness across their features. "They found her."

It’s like the air can go back in his lungs and he chokes on it as he breathes in and it takes him a moment to realize he’s actually crying.

They take him to the hospital, telling him that his wife had put a bullet between Tyson’s eyes and Kelly had committed suicide when the cops had swarmed in. He listens, not saying anything. He needs to see Kate, needs to know that she’s okay.

It only takes them ten minutes in rush hour traffic to get there and he’s the first inside, asking for any and all details about Detective Kate Beckett. They seem hesitant to share, even after a shot of the ring and Espo and Ryan’s badges are flashed before their eyes. But nonetheless, one nurse pushes in front of the rest and tells them where to find her.

He all but runs to her room door.

When he pushes inside, Jim is there, cradling her head between his hands and kissing her forehead again and again. Her hand is wrapped around his wrist and the soft sound of crying is the only thing penetrating the airwaves. He steps close to her, ignoring the nurse that tries to tell him to leave and when her eyes break away from her fathers and meet his, he sees the damage and feels his heart break again.

She’s got a swollen lip and a black eye and stitches across one corner of her forehead. There’s a cigarette burn on the top of her chest and her left wrist is in a cast. He wants to feel for more, know more about what had happened to his wife but her heartbreaking “Rick” snaps him out of it and he grabs her hand as she extends it toward him, kissing the back of her knuckles.

Jim pulls back some, watching them both with a careful eye. Kate rolls on her side the best she can, numerous broken ribs causing her to stop and hiss and Rick reacts immediately, kneeling down closer to her. He presses kisses against her forehead and temple and cheeks and lips and anywhere he can reach while she clings to his hand.

“I’m so glad you’re safe.” He breathes and she nods.

“I told you, Castle.” She murmurs as he brushes his lips against hers again, lightly so as to not hurt her. She whimpers anyway, but not because he hurt her. “I’m not letting either of us get out of this marriage easily.”

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Enjoy a preview of Stana Katic’s birthday video, produced and edited by yours truly. I will be tweeting this to her on Saturday, but first I would like your opinions.


Absolutely precious birthday greeting for Stana! Kudos to all responsible for this!

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